R.I.P. DJ Daredevil

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Rest in peace to my beloved dear brother Benjamin Smith aka DJ Daredevil. Ben passed away last Monday morning surrounded by his closest family members: Mum, Dad, big brother Jon and myself.

Ben was an incredible soul with immense talent, intellect and a spark of mischief – strong, thoughtful and caring with a heart of gold. I love him so much, we have always been extremely close and being my older brother I have never known a life without him around – he was a brother, flatmate, colleague and best friend. I will miss him more than words can express.

I know that many of you will be shocked and will want to know what happened as we all thought he was on the road to recovery. Since Ben was diagnosed with cancer last Christmas and subsequently treated, it was discovered that the tumour that had been pressing on his spine had entirely gone. We all assumed this marked the end of his struggle and the beginning of his rehabilitation. Ben bravely publicly documented his struggle up to this point – his fighting spirit amazingly strong, his will and determination an inspiration. However a few weeks ago he developed a fever. Following an examination more cancer cells were found, this time around his lungs. He decided against making this information public as he didn’t wish to give it power. Despite enormous levels of suffering and pain from various complications throughout these last 6 months he didn’t once lose his fighting spirit and remained an optimistic and brave inspiration all the way to the end.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported him through this difficult time, whether via messages, cards, gifts, donations, fund raising or simply positive thoughts I know that he was he was extremely grateful towards everyone who reached out even if he was not able to respond to you all. With your blessing the money that we have raised for him will now be used for funeral costs and the remainder will be donated to charities that supported his condition.

Ben followed his passion and heart and lived his life the way he wanted every step of the way, ultimately earning a living solely from djing and making music. His immense DJ skills got him through to 3 world final DJ championships (ITF, Vestax and the Allies All-Star Beat Down), he has djed around the globe and has crafted an insane amount of good music. His first vinyl release ‘Rep To The Fullest’ dropped last year on Chopped Herring records, and he has created a large amount of unreleased material yet to come that I intend to help put out there. He has said himself that he has lived more in his time than many who make it through to old age.

Rest in peace big bro, I’m so proud of you, I have always looked up to you and we will all miss you dearly.

Matt (aka Matman)


Funeral details:


The funeral for my brother Benjamin Smith aka Dj DareDevil will be held at 3pm on Thursday 13th July at Manor Park Crematorium, followed by a reception / celebration at The Red Lion E11 ballroom around 4pm onwards (full addresses below).

This is an open invite, however if you wish to attend please try to rsvp names via email to info@djmatman.com to help me estimate numbers. No dress code.

For the DJs out there – we will have turntables at the reception so at some point we will have a jam in his honour!

Manor Park Cemetery & Crematorium
Sebert Rd,
Forest Gate
London E7 0NP

Nearest transport links:

Manor Park Train Station (overground)

Red Lion Ballroom (upstairs at The Red Lion)
640 High Rd Leytonstone
London E11 3AA

Nearest transport links:
Leytonstone Tube (central line)
Leytonstone High Road (overground)

The Red Lion is a 15 min taxi ride from the Crematorium.

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